Lion’s Mane FullSpectrum Extract

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Ingredients: Lion’s Mane(Hericium erinaceus) mushroom fruit-body, Organic grain alcohol & Distilled water.

35% ABV;

50ml bottle

Recommended dosage: Add 2-3 full droppers to your daily tea,

coffee, smoothie or under tongue. One full dropper=1ml


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Our mushroom extracts are made by dual extraction method, separately first in organic grain alcohol tincture, next trough water/thermal extraction, then combined the two filtrations to obtain a full-spectrum of beneficial compounds extract. Maintained above 35% ABV for a much longer shelf life.

We only use in our full-spectrum mushroom extracts our own self-sustainable produced mushrooms, or where cultivation is no possible, locally wild foraged by ourselves.

Lion’s Mane mushroom or Hericium erinaceus by its scientific name, has a “white hedgehog” appearance, edible mushroom native to the northern hemisphere, with a delightful flavour and uniquely health properties.

It has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a natural remedy for digestive acid ailments, indigestion and ulcers. It has been also used as a general restorative due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immuno-modulating properties.  More recently, it has been extensively studied for its positive effects on the brain and in multiple applications in neurodegenerative treatments.

Lion’s Mane mushroom is the most abundant natural source of NGF (nerve growth factor) proteins and it represents the single food supplement proved to stimulate regeneration of the nerve cells and to improve overall brain functions. This mushroom is packed with nutrients that improve both cognition and memory.


Disclaimer *

We are not making any medical claims, but instead offering our best version of a full-spectrum extract that is handmade by us, using traditional methods and our own produced mushrooms.

We are not a medicinal herbalist or a medical professional. These products are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, prescribe, prevent or cure any disease or to administer in any manner to any physical ailments and are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. I cannot be held liable for the decisions and choices you make and/or the outcome of those decisions and choices. You are encouraged to do your own research and consult your heath care professional before treating yourself or anyone else.

Do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.

Do not undertake any self-treatment while undergoing a prescribed course of medical treatment without first seeking professional advice.

These products and statements have not been approved or evaluated by the MHRA or any other board of administration.*


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