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We prepare our fruiting bags with sterilised Master Mix substrate of 50/50% Oak pellets and Soy Hulls pellets, inoculate and incubate them to the colonised/fruiting stage, when we send them to you together with our new design of #MycoGrowBox and a“Cultivation method” to increase the success rate of your cultivation and spread the fungi cultivation culture.

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Pleurotus citrinopileatus,
Yellow Oyster mushroom,
Tamogitake in Japan,
is an edible wood-lover fungus
growing on trees in the forests.

Native to Eastern Russia, Northern China, and Japan,
the Yellow oyster mushroom is very closely related to
Pleurotus cornucopiae of Europe, some authors considering
them to be a rank of subspecies.

Yellow Oyster -Pleurotus citrinopileatus- is one of our most beautiful
of the Pleurotus species, this hot weather strain is fragile when mature.
An excellent culinary mushroom for local natural food markets
since P.citrinopileatus does not have a long shelf-life.
Optimum fruiting temperatures range in between 22-32’C.
Typically fruit in 2-3 weeks indoors on straw,
unfortunately it is not a heavy yielder,
however this is one of the best selling mushrooms at the market,
being so precious/delicious looking..

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