Lion’s Mane MycoGrowBox

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We prepare our fruiting bags with sterilised Master Mix substrate of 50/50% Oak pellets and Soy Hulls pellets, inoculate and incubate them to the colonised/fruiting stage, when we send them to you together with our new design of #MycoGrowBox and a“Cultivation method” to increase the success rate of your cultivation and spread the #MushLove..


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Lion’s Mane mushroom or Hericium erinaceus by its scientific name, is a wonderful and delicious taste edible mushroom, with uniquely adaptogenic properties.

It has been used for centuries in TCM as a natural remedy for digestive acid aliments, indigestion and ulcers. More recently, it has been extensively studied for use in multiple applications in neurodegenerative treatments, as a single food supplement used to stimulate regeneration of the nerve cells (NGF/ nerve growth factor) and
to improve overall brain functions .

Our fruiting bags are made with mush care and using only organic agricultural waste, no additives, just sustainable ingredients available locally.

The simplest substrate mix, 50% Premium Oak pellets and 50% Soy Hull pellets, also known as MasterMix is sterilised and then inoculated in our own built laboratory with a clean Lion’sMane cultured grain spawn, which exhibits high yields up to 1kg mushroom fruit, in 2/3 flushes, for under 2kg bag of substrate.

Our smart creation of a MycoGrowBox® will dissolve the need of a plastic tent and will rise the success rate of cultivation. It’s special designed for Lion’sMane cultivation, but can be adapted for any other mushroom fruiting bags and reused.

Full “Method of fruiting” listed on the MycoGrowBox®.

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