Cordyceps militaris liquid culture 10ml

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With all our liquid cultures you will receive a sterile 10ml LuerLock syringe, full of actively growing mycelium in a nutritious honey liquid solution along with a suitable syringe needle.

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Cordyceps militaris is already known for being a complex fungus to cultivate, using totally different techniques and methods from the traditional mushroom growing and that’s because its freaky food preferences of certain species of insects.

Our Liquid Culture strain has been selected directly on substrate from our own grown Cordyzilla’s collected spores and expanded after a clone of one of the best fruit-body we had produced in our laboratory that exhibits good yields and resilience for indoor cultivation.

Tip: “Best tip for home cultivation is to source genetics from a experienced supplier that has successfully fruited the strain before as not all Cordyceps¬†militaris strains will in-fact fruit even though the mycelium will fully colonise the substrate.” Second:”Even if the strain is coming from a trusted supplier, make sure that they have indeed fruited the culture before as many cordyceps strains on the market will not fruit.”

All our liquid cultures come regularly tested in our laboratory for contaminants  you will get a sterile 10ml syringe full of live growing mycelium in a nutritive liquid.